Tehzeeb Loyalty Program

At Tehzeeb, we love to show gratitude to our customers in many ways. Tehzeeb Loyalty Program is one among them. 

 "Happiness Multiplies When You Share It"

You get a chance to earn points not only for placing orders, but also for follows, likes and shares, referrals, as well as visiting our store! You can redeem those earned points for coupons, free products and even free shipping!

To become a part of our program all you need to have is an account with us! If you have one, Log In here or Create an Account here!

Perks of Tehzeeb Loyalty Program:

  $1 = 1 Point

You earn points for many activities such as Creating an Account, Facebook Likes and Shares, Instagram Follow, on your Birthday, as well as Visiting our Store*! You earn points for Placing an order with us as well. For every $1 you spend, you get 1 point.

 Happiness is only real when Shared!

Referring your loved ones to our store will not only give them instant discounts on their first orders but also earn you points worth the discount they get! For every $5 they get, you get 100 points and for every $10 they get, you get 200 points. So start spreading the love!

  Winners never quit and Couponers never loose!

Your points will add up so quick, you'll be scoring free products, free shipping and so many coupons before you know it! We have different Coupons to redeem on different tiers, but the redeeming points as well as minimum purchase stays the same!

  The best things in life are Free!

At Tehzeeb, you can redeem your points for coupons and likewise, for free products as well! Though Free Products Coupons are available from the tehzeebPRIORITY tiers, you get to choose different products for different points!

  Knock! Knock! It's Free Shipping!

Free Shipping is the most exclusive of our Rewards as you have no minimums for choosing Free Shipping! And that is the reason the Free Shipping Coupons unlocks only at our highest - tehzeebELITE! 

  Wishlist: noun. A list of Desired items.

Does it ever happen that you like a hijab and you envision an outfit just by looking at the hijab? If yes, you can always add up products in your Wishlist and order them later when you actually buy your outfits! Through a Wishlist, you can always add a product to the cart directly from the Wishlist, or even better, share it with your loved ones. 


Tehzeeb VIP Tiers:

Tiers are based on your tasks completed and orders completed ($1 spent = 1 point earned) recorded in 12 month period. Your points will expired and the tiers will reset after 365 days of signing up. Redeeming your points for coupons, free products and free shipping will not affect your tier.


50+ Points
600+ Points
1200+ Points
Welcome Gift
(Sign Up Points)
Place an Order
Facebook Page Like*
Instagram Follow*
Facebook Share*

(1.5x more points)
Refer a Friend
(2x more points)
(3x more points)
Visiting Tehzeeb Store

*Facebook Like and Shares and Instagram follows will be verified before points are added to your account. This may take up to 24-48 business hours.


50+ Points
600+ Points
1200+ Points
$5 off Coupon
(Minimum $60 purchase required)
$10 off Coupon
(Minimum $110 purchase required) 
$15 off Coupon
(Minimum $150 purchase required)
(No minimum purchase!)


$20 off Coupon
(No minimum purchase!)
Free Products

Free Shipping*

*Free Shipping currently available for US customers only!