About Tehzeeb

It all started with an idea, a dream to bring the best of modest wear to you. In 2020, when things seemed to go haywire, the idea of Tehzeeb bloomed into the mind of Sara Shazeen, the Founder of Tehzeeb, and Mohammed Abid, the Co-founder, helped and supported to turn this idea into reality. Tehzeeb is a word from one of the beautiful languages Arabic, which means 'Refinement'. Tehzeeb is here to refine your modest wear collection.



"Every deen has an innate character. The character of Islam is Hayaa (modesty)."

Prophet Muhammed ﷺ



Our Promise

Provide the best quality products, finest customer service and an amazing online shopping experience In shaa Allah. 


Has just begun


Making modesty and simplicity a norm. 

Let us know your thoughts and feedback about us!

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