Printed Bubble Chiffon - &
Printed Bubble Chiffon - &
Printed Bubble Chiffon - &

Printed Bubble Chiffon - 'Morning Glory' Pink

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The bubble texture of the hijab is what keeps it in place all day, giving you the maximum comfort and elegance. It’s versatile and easy to style as a hijab, veil, or turban, great to be worn in warm as well as cold seasons.

They are easy to care for, and very durable. Undercap is not required. We recommend using hijabs pins, especially our ESSENTIAL MAGNET PINS for best results.

Smooth                  Slightly Textured               Textured

Light Weight            Medium Weight        Heavy Weight



Transparent              Medium Opacity               Opaque

  Breathable, opaque fabric
  No ironing needed
   No undercap required, but pins recommended
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  • Dimension: 180cm x 80cm 
  • Contour: Long Rectangle


  • Machine wash on delicate with like colors on warm
  • Tumble dry low
  • OR Hand wash with warm water and air dry
  • For make-up and oil stains, spot treat using delicate fabric stain remover
  • No ironing needed