• AyuMeera is a plastic film with adhesive and paper liner.
    Composition of portion that comes into contact with body:
    Plastic Film
  • AyuMeera is designed to shape and hold hijab awning in
    place and can be re-used up to 2 times. (To re-use, please
    place AyuMeera on the paper liner)


  • For children, please use under adult supervision.
  • Avoid sticking directly to the skin.
  • If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Do not put AyuMeera in your mouth.
  • Do not wash AyuMeera together with the hijab. If
    accidentally washed, remove AyuMeera immediately.
  • Do not iron AyuMeera. If accidentally ironed, remove
    AyuMeera immediately.
  • AyuMeera can be trimmed to your preferred size,
    however please make sure the edges are not sharp.
  • Remove AyuMeera gently and carefully as the edges
    may cut your fingers.
  • After use, dispose AyuMeera as domestic waste or
    according to your country disposal regulations.