Lux Satin Silk - Initial
Lux Satin Silk - Initial
Lux Satin Silk - Initial

Lux Satin Silk - Initial

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The hijabs have a brilliant sheen, and the wide size enables you to drape and layer them in multiple ways. They are perfect for any formal event or everyday classy look due to their wear forever designs and fabric.

They are silky finish, smooth textured, liquid shine wide shawls for glamorous look. We recommend wearing it with an undercap and hijabs pins, especially our ESSENTIAL MAGNET PINS for best results.

Smooth                  Slightly Textured               Textured

Light Weight            Medium Weight        Heavy Weight



Transparent              Medium Opacity               Opaque

  Soft, silky fabric with high shine
  Perfect for formal events or glam look everyday
   Undercap and pins recommended to prevent slipping
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  • Dimension: 190cm x 90cm, Wide size
  • Contour: Long Rectangle


  • Machine wash on delicate with like colors on warm
  • Air dry preferred, tumble dry might wrinkle up the silk scarf
  • OR Hand wash with warm water and air dry
  • For make-up and oil stains, spot treat using delicate fabric stain remover
  • Iron or steam on low only on the other side (matte side) of the fabric

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