Chiffon Basics – Rust
Chiffon Basics – Rust
Chiffon Basics – Rust

Chiffon Basics – Rust

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Our Everyday Chiffon are long enough to ensure proper coverage, and rich enough for giving you a polished look every time. Their versatility makes them easy to drape, quick wrap making them their go to hijabs.

They are easy to care for, durable, wrinkle resistant with a matte look. We recommend wearing with an undercap and hijabs pins, especially our ESSENTIAL MAGNET PINS for best results.

ناعم محكم قليلاً

خفيف الوزن متوسط الوزن الثقيل



شفاف متوسط التعتيم معتم

  Airy, breathable fabric
  No ironing needed
   Undercap and pins recommended
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  Quality guarantee – 15 - day return policy


  • Dimension: 190cm x 75cm
  • Contour: Long Rectangle


  • Machine wash on delicate with like colors on warm
  • Tumble dry low
  • OR Hand wash with warm water and air dry
  • For make-up and oil stains, spot treat using delicate fabric stain remover
  • No ironing needed

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